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Originally Posted by abvolt View Post

How's the build quality of the asus E1 compared to others any of you guys have seen,

I have the original non-Muses edition. Since they both have similar design, I can say the build quality is very good. The enclosure feels like a tank. The other DAC I have is the April Music Eximus DP1. The Asus comes close to the build quality of the Eximus.The downside is the plastic knobs, but that's just minor

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in addition to use with laptop, can one also run an analoge source (tuner) with this, just utilizing it as a headphone amp?
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Evidently not.  No analog inputs.

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Really interested in this one. I've only owned the original Essence One, but all the reviews I've read on the Muses edition really hyped me up.


Anyone here having owned both the original and the Muses ones, so they can comment on the Muses synergy with, say, the HD800s, and how much of an improvement there is compared to the original One?

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There was a review of the Muses Edition in the March (I believe) issue of Stereophile, the gist of which, as I remember, was it was OK, but not in the top tier of DAC/amps.  Remember, this is fine if you are only going to use digital sources, but has no analog inputs

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Thank you, I'm gonna check it out. And yes, I am currently only using digital sources, plus I realize that, for its price, it ain't gonna be exactly top tier, but if it does perform better than the original One, and provides an improved level of musicality, I'm gonna be thrilled.

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Hi, is the Xonar essence one Muses edition a good match with the Beyerdynamic T1 gen 2s?


Or should I get the Fostex TH610?


the Beyerdynamic T1 Genration 2 for only 655 Euros and the Fostex TH-610 cost 563 Euros


Thanks !

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