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For Sale: FS: HifiMAN Original Balanced Cable

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For Sale:
FS: HifiMAN Original Balanced Cable

Will Ship To: Continental United States

I have a balanced XLR cable from HifiMAN for sale.  This is a cable built by HifiMAN and was previously included in the HE-5LE and HE-6 headphone sets.




  • Standard HiFIMAN gold screw on connectors for cup connection
  • Cable goes from each of the cups, to form a "Y"
  • The cable proceeds to where it terminates with a male 4-pin XLR connector
  • There is a secondary cable, with a 4-pin female XLR connector to a standard 1/4" TRS male plug
  • All connectors (with the exception of the gold HifiMAN cable connectors at the cup level) are by Neutrik
  • The cable is by Canare and covered with a black jacket
  • The total cable length is approximately 7' feet long.  The XLR portion is approximately 5' long, with the remaining 2' coming from the XLR to 1/4" TRS adapter cable.
  • The cable is in great condition, with minimal use
  • Used only in a non-smoking, clean environment


Price: $$ SOLD $$ -- Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping (via a small Priority Mail box) to continental United States locations.


I can ship the cable on Saturday morning, if the cable is purchased on Friday 11/30/2012.


Thanks for viewing my offering.

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Great seller and a fair price!!

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PM sent
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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Great seller and a fair price!!


It gets even better.  A *bonus* of speaker taps plus a Neutrik 4-pin XLR was added into the package.  But, these items have now been sold.  biggrin.gif

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Thanks very much, very generous on your part.

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