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For Sale:
Almost brand new Sennheiser PXC300 noise cancelling supra-aural headphones

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have three pairs of as-new Sennheiser PXC300 headphones for sale. I bought all these pairs brand new from authorised retailers a few years ago for about $399 each when they were still available. They have never been worn from brand new and the total use each pair has had is simply a gentle 1 to 2 hour burn-in session so as to ensure they are fully functional. Each set includes the original packaging, original accessories, original box, etc. the only thing missing from the full original retail pack are the two AA batteries (I used them for my own PXC300 rather than let them sit there in the box and possibly leak over time). I won't supply them with any batteries but as I say - they just use 2 x AA supermarket batteries, unlike the current models which require proprietary batteries.


I bought these (well, stocked up on them) as at the time they were the only headphone on the market I could use due to neck problems (I could not and still cant use anything other than ultra-lightweight headphones). I have been using another pair of these (not one of these three being offered obviously) for years now and they have been great. I am only selling them because my listening environment is now very quiet and I no longer need to use noise cancelling headphones at all (I have had double-glazing installed at my house). They are fine in my computer room as they block out the fan and hard drive noise really well, but in a dead quiet listening environment the noise cancelling hiss is now audible in quieter passages of classical music - this wasn't the case when listening in noisy environments previously.


Anyway, all three pairs are in absolutely pristine condition - exactly the same as brand new, since they have never been worn and have just been plugged in and tested once. These were Sennheiser's premium noise cancelling supra-aural headphone back inthe day and I would describe the sound as clear, on the slightly bright side, nuetral to light bass and very "fast" response - probably owing to the small dimensions. I have found them very comfortable too - I don't really know I am wearing them and the leather earpads on these are much more comfortable than the cheaper pads on the lesser models.


I am happy send these anywhere and the postage is via Registered International only (as this is the cheapest option that includes delivery confirmation and insurance). Please don't email me whinging about the postage cost or wanting me to reduce it - I am sick of these emails as I have always only charged what the post office charges me (whether selling here or on eBay) and most of time I lose out on the postage. If you want to whinge I just wont respond to your PMs :). I know Australia Post is extremely expensive but I have no control over this. As a rough guide, it will cost $20 to send these to the US, for example.


I am not responsible for any taxes or duties, etc you may be liable for and the item will be valued at the $75 asking price. I will also mark the item as merchandise on the customs declaration.


Payment is via PayPal.