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What can I expect out of the following headphones

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When feeding classic rock into these HP without an amp what can I expect. I need something that has some nice soundstage and I like at least some bass. But I also need something that, while maybe not fully portable, can be brought to campus with me during the day. Also, if I need to, I can run them with a Fiio e17. I'm trying to find something that provides what I want but also suits my needs. I used to own some Denon AHD5000's and loved them, and Grado Sr80i's and thought they were nothing special (Does this imply the Grado sound is not for me or going from Amped 5000's to unamped SR80i's is just such a step down they had no choice but be underwhelming?)


I keep looking at the following:


Sennheiser Momentum: like the look, like the brand, suit my needs in being portable, but am I buying a $150.00 headphone soundwise and paying a premium for the looks and the fact their in that frowned upon class of "premium consumer HP." Do they have any soundstage?


Sennheiser HD600: Look nice. Big, not at all portable. Need to be amped. Safe bet sound wise.


Grado SR325i: Still want to like Grado, everyone says they're ideal for my taste. I like the looks. Not really portable but not not portable either. Still think about how unimpressed I was by the SR80s


Grado RS2i: Same as above but feel like they "must" be a notch better than the disappointing 80's 


V-Moda M-100: Seem similar to the MOMENTUMS. Portable, good sound quality (?) but is it $300 sound quality or am I paying for fashion, looks, etc. 


Denon AHD600: Want to get the AHD5000 sound in a more portable package. Really expensive. Probably need an amp too. Did I mention really expensive. Are they $500 good audio quality wise? I feel like soundwise they should fall between the 5000 and the 7000, but many reviews say this isn't really the case...


Denon AHD400: Are these a slightly less version of the AHD600? Denon has them in a different class? Urban Raver class? Sounds kinda thuggish? I don't want Beats with the Denon name on them...   Always thought these would fall between the 2000 and the 5000's. I'm wrong again, I guess...


So these are the main HPs I keep coming back to. There doesn't seem to be a perfect blend of what I'm looking for. Really want my classic rock to come to life, but at the same time need something that suits my lifestyle needs so i actually use them...


through some thoughts my way...you guys know way more than I could ever know...

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If I was you, and assuming this would fit your budget, I would get the Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium 32 Ohm. With 32 ohms, they don't need an amp to function well. They have great soundstage, and they will definitely supply your bass needs. Portability may be not up to par with what you are looking for, but, they are basically just as portable as any of the headphones you listed above, with the exception of the Grados, based on size. I would highly recommend those over the Grados since you said you were disappointed with the Sr80i's. 


For your question about V-Moda, they are both fashion and sound, but they could be better for what they are.



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