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Ok long story short I have a VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) and VSTHost setup on my laptop to bypass the default Windows sound driver and Realtek HD software.


The problem: If I am watching a video via VLC, music via Foobar2000, Netflix, or playing a game on Facebook the audio will get static and stutter if I open another browser window. Ive been trying to figure out how to get rid of this issue before I do a headphone review to eliminate any false information.


The setup specs:


I have created 1 VAC with the following parameters:



Sample Rate between 44100 and 48000

Bits Per Sample between 8 and 16

20-Max Instances

7-Milliseconds per interupt

1-2 Number of channels range

Cable Format - Stream Format

No volume control

Connected Source Lines - Line

Clock Correction - 100%




Gets input from the Direct Sound Line 1 (VAC Line)

Outputs to Direct Sound (Realtek HD Audio ports)

Sample Rate: 44100

Buffer: 882 samples (50 b/s)


Eletric-Q is the only plugin in use between input and output and the EQ curve is set to flat for troubleshooting.


Any ideas?