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The end of JMoney Audio and Christmas giveaway!

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I've enjoyed being a part of this community, and have learned a great deal about technology, business, and overcoming daily obstacles. Great friends, life lessons, as well as the longing for greater possibilities have made all these long hours, looking at a computer screen worth it. Although it has been fun, my life is slowly taking a turn in a different direction, and I must focus my time and attention elsewhere for the time being. As a thank you to this community, I would like to set up a little giveaway from JMoney Audio. Over the last few years, I am slowly realizing the inequalities of the world, as I remove myself from a life of only wanting material things, to a world of limitless possibilities. As you all know, Christmas is coming up, and I would like to sell off my remaining stock in order to:


*Donate to homeless shelters across the GTA, I would like to purchase toys as gifts for homeless children, in time for Christmas.*


I will also be making a series of audio cables, in order to contribute to this cause! This would be a great chance to obtain a good quality cable, as well as donate to the less fortunate!!


I will be keeping none of the money collected through sales. 


The Good News to you head-fiers:


EVERYTHING IS 50% off!!!! But please note that after my stock is gone, JMoney Audio will no longer be producing any additional products under its name. I have: 


-60 pairs of Beyer V2 Earpads left

-Grado headbands


In addition to JMoney products sold, I can also make simple cables to contribute towards the donations as well. So please contact me if you need anything made. 


I strongly urge anyone interested in making additional donations to contact me direct, and we will work together towards making a difference in this world. 


Thank you so much for your support. My customers, the community, it has all been great! 


Best regards


Jeremy Lin (JMoney Audio) 

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Very nice of you...good luck in your new endevors. I myself grew up in Buffalo and am a member of Six Nations Reserve.....have always loved Toronto though I have many memories of Brantford, Hamilton and St. Cathrines. I can donate a little to your cause...send me a PM.

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where's the website? jmoneyaudio.com comes back as not found.

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^^^ how do we contact to purchase? I have loved my grado headband for the last several years, and as I am about to immerse in he-500 and beyond I want to stock up on v2 pads!

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Hey man. More power to your cause.

Do we have to PM you for orders? I would love to grab a couple
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Well, its good to see you are supporting a good cause. But sad that you are not going to be on business (i've tried the J$ pads) good luck to you mate. 

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I want the Grado headband. Are there any left?

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Hi Everyone,   

               To place orders, please send me a PM and we will go from there. Please mention that you are wanting a part in the Christmas giveaway! 


Thanks for the kind words! Rather than simply thinking of JMoney going out of business, I'd like to think of it as moving on to other opportunities 

in life. I may come back to JMoney Audio when I have more time to focus on this business. Hopefully, I'll be back with more affordable, higher 

quality options! 

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30 sets of Beyer pads left!

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PM Sent
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Sorry, I have now replied you!

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I would be interested in ordering 2 pair of Beyer pads and 2 Grado headbands if there are still some remaining.

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I'm interested in Denon pads if you have them, maybe Beyer pads, and maybe a headband.

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Please PM me! Thanks!

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Please spread the word to all! I will be making a bunch of cables next week to add to the list of donations. I would really like this project to work out for all! 



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