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For Sale:
Monster Turbine Pro Copper w. Control talk - defective

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Maybe someone wishes to test these earphones....or disamble them...i do not know.


For 50 dollar you can buy my defective pro copper iem's with the following defect:

One side sounds alot louder then the other.


Original earphones and i guarantee that. also you should know that one day the inner part of the earphones came loose so used super glue on one side. So dont expect to open up one side of the earphones.


50 dollar for this defective piece. maybe useful for someone who likes mono sound or someone who wants to see whats inside or something...


Shipping to all off europe. America is OK too, but i cant guarantee its arrival because there's no ensurance on letter post. thats a risc YOU take if you want it. for europe people i take that risc.