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Comply tips from Target?

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I have a set of Brainwavz M4 and I was wondering, how do the Comply tips from Target (listed on their website) compare to the ones that come with the IEMs? They have two types listed - regular foam tips and WHOOMP! tips - that appear to be comparable to the S-400 and TS-400 listed on Comply's website.



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I was just at target and saw those hanging for $9.99 for 3 pairs. Was looking at the products it supported and it didnt list any from what I had.

Judging from the make of the foam, it seems to be more of an 'airy' kind of seal. Meaning that sound goes through the pores and hit all direction within the ear drum & canal. Kind of funny logic!


Let me know when you try them!

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Was there anything on the package saying what kind of tips they were (i.e. T, S, TS, etc.)?

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one of the cheaper tips they have don't have the inner silicon tubing which is going to alter your sound signifigantly due to the reflection of the sound in many different directions off the porous surface. I would stick with and use the 25% coupon they just sent around if it still is out there. The Ts series are nice.

The whomp has the tubing. They are marketed specifically for apple in-ear hp's. Don't know about those.
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I dont remember right now about the T, S etc.


All I remember was that they were grey in color and the material looks like what use in pelican case cushions. Also it didnt support Westone & higher Sony IEMs like 300,500 and above.


There was no 'Whoomp' comply too

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Hmm...I see. Thanks for the help!

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I looked at the Target ones and they are the cheapest Comply versions -- the "S" series, I believe.

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I would avoid the S series. They are also only 9.99 at comply plus you can get the coupon so that price of $15 dollars is too much.

The Ts are very nice fitting and isolate decently well. They don't affect the sound of your iems as much as the other series from my experience.
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