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iPhone Apps useful for audio

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My 4yr old Blackberry finally gave up the ghost and I replaced it with an iPhone 4s as it was marked down with the arrival of the 5. I had a look at the Apps store and found these somewhat useful free programs and wanted to know if any others have used them and for recommendations of other audio software,



Max db Exposure time- I have often wondered "how loud is too loud" while listening to headphones and have always listened at the minimum volume that sounds good to me. This app allows one to use the iPhone's mic to measure sound pressure level and calculates the maximum time one should be exposed to that sound pressure level. I highly recommend this for headphone users as your ears are the most important component in your system and the most easily damaged.



Sound Check Tone Generator- Generates a specific tone. I found it useful to help determine the frequency of the hum I was hearing and trying to track down.


FreqCounter- Will analyze frequencies recieved through the mic. Again, somewhat useful for sorting out hum and hiss.



db Volume- Another sound pressure level analyzer that shows real time SPL and records peaks. More informative than useful but should the neighbors complain about my Zu's being too loud, I can show them they are still at a lower volume than their 2-stroke weedeater...



Soundbeam- Fun virtual oscilliscope showing db vs frequency.



I am new to the iPhone Apps thing and have not spent too much time looking for more. I look forward to feedback from the community.



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Denon Audio or Denon headphones is a good app with good visual equalizer

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yeah denon audio is cool with its UI, the best from what i have tried,
though i would also recommend stereophonics, the soundstage customization is awesome
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