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RE0 for $50, yay? nay?

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I'm quite late to the party, and I've just found out that the RE0's are supposed to be quite amazing, so my question to you, experts of Head-Fi, is whether I should get them or not.
$50 is reasonable by any standard, but I've heard these headphones have durability issues and what not.

Have they been surpassed as of late?

Or am I just wasting your time and my time, and should just go buy them already (seems like a steal with all the reviews).

One last thing. I realize these are bass light as it has been mentioned, so I won't be buying these in denial with the hopes of powerful bass, however, I do like my bass.
Any recommendations for good bass headphones? I've only owned the S4 Klipisch and a few other sub $100 headphones a long with a weird one. Some Scoche $200 dual driver phones which I returned. Don't know why. They had some sweet bass lol


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I am wondering the same.

I am in the process to looking for a new IEM


Wondering how these fare against Rockit R-50

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The housing on my RE0's broke within a week. Seems like they're pretty bad quality manufacturing.
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ive had mine for two weeks with no structural complaints. also, they sound freaking amazing. they are light on soundstage but are very heavy on detail, airiness and great vocals.

if you want deep sub bass with good detail (though not as detailed as the re0) then its hard to beat the sony mh1c for 30 bucks. cable is a pita though.
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