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E17 won't turn on

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Ehhhh. Bought an E11 and then wanted to have a DAC. I buy an E17 from J&R new. So my first E17 broke on me and I finally got it replaced.
Second one comes in. Second one won't turn on without being plugged in. I've reset it multiple times. I think I may never buy another fiio product again.
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I mean it is a budget brand...though everyone does say good things about fiio.

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Yeah. But it's starting to appear I should just buy a home one. If the odds are my third one will break then I'll probably have to get a refund.
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I have the same problem with my e17.

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sorry for the trouble, will you mind tell me the series number by PM me or just send email to us by market@fiio.com.cn, we will see what happen about the battery.


BTW, battery will be last component that limited us to decrease the defective rate less than 1%, our target is 0.5%. I known we are not good enough but we will try.

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Originally Posted by Gazoozles View Post

I mean it is a budget brand...though everyone does say good things about fiio.


Thanks, the quality is nothing about price.

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Hi Feiao,


I sent you a PM.  My E17 won't charge anymore and I can't figure out why.  It won't charge with the USB cable and it won't charge while docked in my E9.  Battery is almost dead.  Any suggestion?

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- Nvm, just read what you actually said..

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I am having the same problem, it only turns on when its plugged in via USB. It does charge when plugged in and the battery is full. Bought it from head direct. Should I return mine?
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I, too, have a Fiio E17 (originally bought in June 2012) that does not work and was already fixed/replaced by the online retailer shortly after purchase.  My issue appears to be with the L7 line out connector causing problems for the E17.  On two separate occasions, with two separate, L7 cables, the E17 has lost functionality.  Currently, the unit will charge, but will not power on.  The reset button does nothing. 


I contacted Fiio about a replacement under warranty.  They were responsive and provided information on a replacement/fix.  However, that involved sending the unit to China, at my expense, and sending a photograph of my ID to Fiio. I did not wish to do either and decided not to pour more money (shipping) or time in to this product.


When it worked, I liked the E17 and thought it was worth the money I spent on it.  If I had it to do over gain though, I would not purchase the item.  I also doubt I will purchase another Fiio product in the future. 


Has anybody else experienced issues with the E17/L7 combination?

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I have been searching the internet for my issue which has lead me to this thread, I had the L7 plugged into my E17 and when I started it up a message appeared on the screen saying ERROR then shut off. Ever since then it won't turn on but the red power light is on when plugged in via usb, I have also tried holding down the reset button for over a minute with no success. I am going to ask the retailer I bought it off for a refund as by the sounds of it alot of hassle is involved in sending it to fiio.

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I've got the same problem as you guys ((( I have recently got my Fiio E17 from head-direct.com. The device won't work from the battery. I have been charging it for over 3 hours from my PC and from the wall socket via the adapter and the red indicator was blinking at that time. I can turn it on while charging an it works. But when I turn the USB charging off the E17 turns off immediately. The battery indicator on the screen, meanwhile, looks as if fully charged and doesn't blink. The devoce won't turn on when not charged. The battery seems to be dead. 

Is the F****NG head-direct sending the same faulty units to us? 

More of that, I don't have the sticker with security code on my box. 

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Very sorry, we have checked some RMAs and found that few E17 will not charged due to the battery is total run off. they are stored in the warehouse too long so the build in li-ion battery was almost drop to 0 voltage so it can't be charged anymore. 


we will inform our distributor and sales agents about this issue today about how to deal with this issue.

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I beleive I've got the unit from an old batch as I don't have a security sticker on the box (I've read FiiO have started to make these since the 1st of september 2012). So the battery of my unit seems to be left uncharged for several months and eventually passed away. So I will send it to the seller today for replacement.

JamesFiiO, here is my advice: if you don't charge every unit having a battery at least once a month you're gonna have such cases (as mine) coming more and more often. You should also oblige your dealers (including head-direct.com) to check every unit's battery before sending it to the customer. I'm not willing to get another unit with dead battery.


P.S: no complaints about sound though :) Sounds great. 

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I purchased a brand new Fiio E17 on amazon about two weeks ago and absolutly loved the sound quality I was getting from this amp. Every couple of days however,even though the battery was completely charged from the usb cable, when i went to turn it on, plugged in or not, the unit would not turn on. I could see a faint red color when plugged in, but not not the bright red color the on button should show, and it just would not power on. After many times of unplugging the unit it would eventually power on out of nowhere. I sent that unit back to amazon for a full refund and purchased another brand new one which came yesterday since i enjoyed the amp so much. Today I cant turn it on again even plugged in and thats how i arrived at this forum. 


My question since i love the amp so much should i just bear with the inconsistency, or should i just send it back for a full refund as the problem might only get worse. Also this being my first headphone amp any suggestions on a amp which plugs into my mac desktop as easily as this fiio e17 amp would be great. Preferably an amp under $250. Thanks for any help!

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