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Bose SIE2 Audio quality?

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Hello fellow head fi-ers


Im looking to get a set of the bose sei2 for jogging,  what do you think about the audio quality?  


i like how they are open... i need to be aware of my surroundings when im running through the hood, ya know?


Thanks all, Louis

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I tried my friends pair and what I can say is they are the most comfortable IEMs I have ever worn. Their openness is a pro for you because you want to be able to hear your surroundings but for me that lack of isolation takes me away from the music. Personally the sound quality just wasn't there to me... mids were recessed and it sounded a bit canned. I also think they are overpriced for that sound but the fit is awesome.


I would also suggest looking into Sennheiser's sport headphones only because they offer the same inner ear latching mechanism that works so well while jogging and, I've always been a fan of Sennheiser's laid back sound (warm and sweet. At least with the 2 IEMs I've owned the CX485 and the CX150. Also their HD280 Pro cans have a similar sound signature).

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