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The S4 isn't necessarily bad. For the majority of people, they will do just fine. For people looking for sonic supremacy under $100, you can do a whole lot better. But again, if you're not looking to plunge into the abyss of audiophilia, the S4 will probably suit your needs.
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I just don't understand why you'd spend $40 on an IEM that doesn't sound near as good as one that's $10 cheaper plus they both have close to the same sound signature with the S4 just having brighter highs than the MH1C.  There's many more options at the price point the OP is looking at that getting the S4 is just selling your self short imo.


The S4 was my first over $30 IEM back in the day but if I knew about Head Fi and found IEM's around the same price that sound much better I would have never bought them.  When I got my HF5 I gave my niece the S4 the next day. 

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I think he really, really, really wants that S4.
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I would highly advise against the S4; they're ridiculously bassy and are prone to sibilance (used my friend's, he also regrets buying it). Better options would be:


Brainwavz M4 ($28.50 when on sale)

     U/V-shaped sound but are fun to listen to


HifiMan RE-0 ($50.00)

     Incredible clarity/detail, but might need amping


VSonic GR06 ($45.00)

     Mid-centric sound, got it for my bro (I never auditioned them)


Sony MH1C ($30.00)

     I own them, pretty bang-for-the-buck (doesn't really do much wrong at that price range, but has too much bass for
     my tastes. I'm coming from an RE-ZERO and an Etymotic HF3 though, so take my point on bass with only a grain of salt).

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The Audio Technica ATH-CKM500 is no slouch and around $56 SHIPPED.


I have the CKM50 which is no where near as good as the CKM500 and I'm VERY HAPPY....there is not one genre it doesn't excel at.


For reference I also own the AD700 for reference so I know the AT house sound.


CKM77 is another option with a bit more of a bass tilted signature.


I have a pair of CKM500 on order so I'm walking the walk.L3000.gif

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Wait till Amazon black friday sale and grab a Klipsch X10.

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Too bad $99 Triplefi 10s didn't last.

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I also want to recommend Sony's MH1C like several others have as well as Ficsher Audio's stuff.

Regarding the replacement of your phone I am going to say that the Nexus or the S4 will definitely be better than the iPhone 5.

I'm not saying this because I am a Korean and anti-apple. I'm saying this because I have directly compared them before.

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I'd like to cast a vote for the Sony MH1C as well - I've just bought my second pair and it took quite a bit of abuse and neglect to necessitate that.


And the price seems to have doubled?

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A new BA-200 can be had for $120 from Amazon now. A "very good" from amazon warehouse for $79. That's an amazing iem for the price. 

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I think you should go to a local store for testing smily_headphones1.gif
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