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For Sale: Burson HA 160

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Burson HA 160

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Audeze LCD-2 rev.2: Purchased from HeadRoom in January this year (2012). I have barely had time to listen to these with my busy schedule, I am away from home a lot, so these are just collecting dust. I'd say that these have less than 100 hours usage on them. These come with the original travel case, stock cable, beeswax protective oil. The cans are in perfect condition. I'm looking for $750 + shipping - SOLD


HRT MS2 DAC - Perfect working condition. Used exactly the same amount that the amp has been used. I'm looking for $100 - SOLD

Hifiman HE300 rev1 (no box): Barely used, about 20 hours of usage. I got my LCD2 not long after this so it went largely unused. Great condition, great sound, definitely the best I've heard for the price. - $175 and buyer pays for shipping. - SOLD


Burson HA-160 amp: This was purchased in September 2011. The Amp is in great condition, I'd guesstimate that over the past year it has had about 150 hours of usage. - I'm looking for $400 and buyer pays for shipping. - SOLD


The items are located in Sydney, Australia. I can arrange to meet if you're located in Sydney. 


I've never sold anything on Head-Fi but here is my eBay account:




Let me know if you have any questions :)

Thanks guys!




Edit 9th Jan 2013


- Norse Audio Norn cable has been sold to Bender1987. Enjoy! 


- Added Hifiman HE300 rev1 for sale. 


Edit 5th Feb 2013


- I had a few sales fall through, all of these items are back for sale. Only thing sold was the Norse harness. 

- Price drop on the LCD2 to $750 and buyer pays for shipping. 


Edit 12th Feb 2013


- Audeze LCD2 and HRT MS2 are sold!


Edit 24th March 2013


- Hifiman HE300 are sold to jackthecat!


Edit 27th march 2013


- Burson HA-160 are sold to okamoto!

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Hey all, a link to photos:

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Pm sent
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Haha are you sure? I didn't get it
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PM sent your way....
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LCD2 are sold!

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Originally Posted by negramurcia View Post

Is a MDR-R10 too?



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Hi . PM waiting .CHeers

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Pm ..
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Hey B


I am stuck unable to message you again !

I last messaged yesterday but still seem to be stuck here today . When does yesterday become today in the US ? Time zones !

Happy with the cheaper postage thanks.

Message you details and I will make payment.


Many thanks



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The Burson is sold! and we are done here folks :)

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