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For Sale: Single Power MPX 3

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For Sale:
Single Power MPX 3

Will Ship To: US

I just bought this amp from amcananey. It's a wonderful amp but too smooth for me, I know there is rumors about this amp about being dangerous, but I haven't had problems with this particular amp and the seller said he had no problems too, I listen to a bit more aggressive music for this amps taste. If you want more pictures, or pictures of particular parts of the amp (i'm not going to open it up no experience in that). One of the tubes are bright fuse wise, and the other 2 are dim.

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This is a phenomenal amp. I never had ANY problems whatsoever and I was sorry to see it go. Highly, highly recommended.
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Pm sent
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Hello, how old is the amp? Have any document to confirm? What is the exact voltage operational amplifier?
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