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Headphones vs Home Speaker Systems

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Hey guys, I'm just a little curious. What do you guys prefer, headphones or speaker systems? I'm less about a lot of bass and more about my mids and highs. I also pay attention to more about what I hear, not that thump you can feel with subs. So I'd rather purchase a high end headphone than a high end speaker system. One thing that you always get on a headphone and not on a large speaker system is consistancy. Any opinions?

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Speaker systems (for me) are the way to go. You miss a sense of scale when you listen primarily on headphones. But you do tend to get better value for your dollar by going with headphones, though there are plenty of manufacturers that produce affordable and well-engineered loudspeakers and electronics.
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I do prefer headphones, as I live in an apartment.

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It's a case of how much money do you have and where do you live. If money and location are no object I would go for a speaker setup in a custom damped listening room.

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Many folks here have a purist attitude and want straight line sound with no eq. That would be great if the engineer thought cans would be the main listening source. Most enginers figure speakers (home or car) will be the standard. Even with speakers I fine tune the sound with eq because everything is recorded in a different fashion....sometimes it may be a very fine tweek but makes me feel it improves the sound. When it comes to headphones they sound vastly different....just type to type....that is why I really like the sony daps that allow you 2 eq custom eq settings....i have mine set for iem and full size cans. But hey...that is what this is all about..what sounds good to you. For me I would rather speakers..I have a set of JBL L20 with an Outlaw amp...love it!

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I will always prefer loudspeakers for many reasons. Speakers replicate sound in an almost "natural" form. Headphones will usually almost always reproduce sound "in your head". It's not to say the headphone auditory experience is the worst way to enjoy music, because it is not. Though I think the major reason that consumers prefer headphone listening is because of it's intimacy.



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It depends. I like the intimacy and detail of headphones, while speakers impart more space and feel. I often want to put on a good set of cans and melt into the music, and other times I want the soundstage and more physical impact of speakers. Both are great.

and headphones don't wake up my wife at 4am, and that's a big plus.
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