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Creative Aurvana Live! - My Mod.

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First of all  thanks to markl and kingpage to inspire me to make my own  CAL!  mod.
Second:  sorry for my english , but I'm sure if somebody wants,   he will understand what I want to say.
Of course these are mine subjective opinions, but I am sure that for those who don't want to open the earcaps, the solution on the last photo will  radically improve the sound quality!
The CALs earcaps are maded from two parts and I suppose that different material than Denon AH-D1001 earcup which made from one part. Two parts are tend to do more unwanted resonance , than one part.



So I made the mod with Dynamat  Xtreme (on the pic isn't the final version - there was no free original plastic surface) . You can also see that I put some never dry silicone on the part where the head band holder goes into the earcups, also against resonances.




When assambled the headphone  I was schoked! The low end was excellent , tight, no rumble - but the MUSIC has died! 
After a few days opened it again and remove the Dynamat - but leave it on the  magnet of the driver.  Where the  two parts meets, and on the earcup , too. As  pn pic.



Now used a smaller silicone with some Dynamat






My MUSIC from the CAL! become alive!
But I have to show you the next photo, too. IMHO the biggest surface which is responsible for unwanted reconances is the front of the headphones  where the drivers are fixed on ,opposite of our ears. Maybe someone tried it before. I didn't saw. It's very effective, cheap an reversible method.



 Few days before , recabled with Mogami W2893. All this "project"  cost me cca. USD 65.!

CAL $50 + cable, plug, sleeve , postage etc $15. Dynamat from  a friend.

Now I'm 100% satisfied with my Creative! Sounds like MOST expensive ones.

Recabled photos here.





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