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for turning me into an audiophile :)especially the ones that helped me choose my beyer COPS and my gr06 recently. for years,ive been listening to my m50s,and my hd600s,and didnt realize how amazing the audio world is. my father is an audio engineer(worked with many:marvin gaye,tom petty, richard dodd, finding nemo, to name a few)but quit his job a few years back to persue the lord.(thats where my hd600s came from,he still has his custom designed studio,and his ear melting genelecs). ive always could tell how much better they were compared to skullcandy,ibuds etc. but never understood why,but after spending time here, i discovered all the aspects of music,each instrument,bitrates, and much more.for that, i would just like to say,thank you.





also,i posted here since i spend 90% of my time in this sub-forum