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Hi folks. I have a pretty decent rig but am thinking of downgrading and selling my Grace m903 DAC/amp. Honestly, I don't notice a 2000 dollar upgrade in sound quality when I compare my Mac's headphone jack to the m903. May have to do with the fact that my headphones are low impedance/high sensitivity and tend to sound quite good on any computer/phone/tablet that isn't noisy.

But there are a few hiccups. iTunes/Mac OS doesn't give me a decent volume range with my headphones. I can only set the volume at 1 or 2 out of 16 before its too loud. And when I plug in to my TV and use my new sound bar the sound is distorted from my laptop unless I use the iTunes EQ to lower the preamp. I don't have this sound bar distortion problem when watching actual television or using my game consoles. I understand that I may be losing some dynamic range there. Havent tested enough yet to see if its really noticeable.

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

I also notice that the m903 often skips when i plug it in after work unless I reboot. After that it works fine. But still an annoyance.