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Denon Ah-C100 impression

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Stopped by a local headphone store, tried the Ah-C100 on a few tracks on iPod Classic Rockbox ed (no eq, crossfeed Simple, no extra bass/treble boost/gain).




It's funny that I started with accessories first. But with that kinda luxurious packaging, it's hard not to take note (Even my Beyerdynamic T70 which cost a lot more doesn't offer such treatment-Heard me, Beyer?) Everything is inside a box (which feels like holding a Holy Bible, except it spells DENON). Aside from the manual, there's also hard shelled case and a few tips to choose from. The rubber tips are quite rigid imo, good for preserving bass.



Soild plastic body with aluminium ring. Simple, tangle free wire with mic and volume control.



Good. Deep insertion is hindered by the short plump housing, but with longer tips that might help. Worn straight down.




Plenty of bass, but fluffy ones. Not really tight and deep. Felt like the last time I heard D5k. The bass kinda reflected from woods. But not bloated to my ears. And not overpowering the other frequency. Just render the sound signature more warm and thicker.



Quite laid back imo. Nice details, but not much. Listening to vocals (best audiophile cd), nothing impressive. Not really lacking too.



Quite harsh. Some tracks go treble hot. Reminds me of my ex JVC FXT90 kinda treble.



comfortable wide, not really extending out of ears. Instrument positioning average.



I felt the Denon House signature in this dynamic driver IEM. Well, for that price, I can say the packaging is absolutely marvelous, sound quality is good (not great, not bad, not even average). And with the additional mic, that's quite a bargain.


Am very looking forward for Ah-C300 wondering how good is that double driver iem! It looks so huge!

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The C300 are big but they sound really good for bassheads because bass is so rich, textured, deep and dynamic like on UE5EB or even more but surprisingly the mids, highs are very crisp clear and give impression bass not taking them away because so powerfull(mids, highs are very detailed but not high resolution like on W4R, EX1000) and C300 offers huge out of head soundstage. The C300 presentation is more close to IE80 but to me C300 are little more detailed and fun to listen.

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between the ahc100, soundmagic pl30 and Sennheiser CX 275s, which one do you think is better?

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