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JDS Labs O2 Black Edition Amplifier Unboxing

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Unboxing my new JDS Labs O2 Black Edition, full review coming soon:


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There seems to be a video, but it's not working.

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I'll try and sort it out, meanwhile if you want to find it, mrsoundperfection on youtube
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Fixed video :)




Also some pics:








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Thats's nice ,Random kid,the black editions have a nicer aspect ,in my opinion.

I did looked on their site,but they don't seem to have this "darker" option.Did you asked yourself to them to have a black faceplate?


Unfortunately i am waiting for a ODac+O2 combo since beginning September,and probably the package must be lost,i don't know yet if it has been lost in the US or here in Brazil,but i just have to be more and more patient (not really a virtue of mine),my HD650 is starving...Fortunately i paid an additional 5 dollars to have a possible replacement in case my package would get lost,now it has been more than 2 months.But surely if they will send me a product replacement i will ask them if they could send me this black edition instead the standard on ,as my ODac should be the black edition too.

You got quite an excellent British accent,i guess you have been working on the UK for a long time.I did worked on a restaurant in London for a year,not enough time to improve my phonetic skills,hehe...

Waiting for you review!

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I am british, i lived in England till i was 12, then i moved to portugal.


Shame about your combo, i hope you get it soon.


I didnt ask, John said he would send me the Black Edition, which i much prefer, i have the black C421 with custom engraving too, JDS products are excellent value and well made.



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haha,that's nice to know he decided to send you this edition by himself ,he's may just starting to think about putting it as a new available option.

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More Pics:


with my C421 too:








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To Antberg, I asked him a couple days ago about the "Black edition" and he said just write in the order notes full black case. I am getting a O2 and ODAC for Christmas that will both have black cases. if you guys want, I could post pictures of them.

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Yes definitely post pictures, maybe in the review thread once I make it, around mid December probably
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Thanks Wolfetan,if my package will appear to be totally dispersed (and in that case i already did paid that extra 5 dollars in eventual international lost package),then before to them to send me a replacement unit,i will ask to John Seaber to make this change.I will be using the O2 mainly as a desktop amplifier,but eventually it will pair well with a 5.5 IPod video i will try to purchase soon,as (Bulky)Portable solution.

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Why 5.5 iPod? 7G is much better, cleaner and clearer neutral sound
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Well,Random,as you mentioned it (and i appreciate it )i will tell you why.

From numerous thread here many says the Video 5.5 it's supposed to be the more Hi-Fi between the IPod lineage ,because has the famous Wolfson dac which even not dead neutral,give a fair clear and a bit warmish sound signature,instead the last models which some say it has a more muffled and harsher sound signature.Well i know i should take most of opinions with a grain of salt,but as i live in the middle of nowhere regarding Hi-End audio markets,where i have no way to audition anything for myself,opinion by most experienced people around here comes to be a important factor,especially when i need to choose some product and i donìt know how are it's characteristic,so i use to collect as much info as possible.

I would like to have a second Dap (I am an happy Clip Zip owner),to exclusively listen to music with a great space memory to put a good playlist,so my first choice should be an IPod.

Tell me what do you think about those two Ipod models and if you had a chance to listen to the 5.5 version the main difference between the sound wise.I think i am going to make a deeper research around here about the 7 gen.I got quite intrigued right now.

By the way,i notice you got the C241,which will be the second amp i will look after i get some extra money and after i solve my O2-Odac combo delivery issue.Does the Ipod and the C241 have the same footprint?

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If you are lucky to find a 5th Generation I Pod go for it as you are right...it is considered the best sounding I Pod because of the Wolfson chip.

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My mum has a 5.5G, stepdad has a 6G and me a 7G.
5.5 has treble roll of, smooth thick sound. 6G sounds better but still isn't quite right and I don't know why, 7G is flat, neutral and detailed.
I think a dap should be neutral, and amp too, headphones should be the only thing colouring sound.
Don't take too much notice of the Wolfson thing, it's fan boy talk, measurements will show the 7G is technically superior, and I hear it as audibly superior.
The C421 is about the same width and length, but slightly thicker than the iPod.
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