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I heard a Rap/R&B song on November 25, 2003...

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Nearly 9 years ago I heard this song. I remember the date since I went to a funeral that day. Prior to the funeral, I heard a Rap, possibly R&B song with the words "life goes on" somewhere in the chorus. I'd like to find the song again, but I can't find it anywhere using lyrics search engines.


So far I know its not my Donell Jones or Tupac.


I should have asked this question in '04 when I joined. Questions regarding the KSC-35 could have waited!! wink.gif


Does anyone know what song I'm thinking about?

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you could try that list, as you can tell, rap was not overly emotional enough to have that line in their chorus


maybe some help with the songs rhythm:


bass-thumping or mellow

rapper-gruff voice, booming voice, soft voice

instrumentals-simple or multi-layered

since you say maybe RnB, is the singer guy or girl and what is their vocals like

anything else will help obviously


are you sure its a 2003 song?

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I heard it on the radio in 2003. I'm not certain if it was produced in '03.


I just remember it being mellow. Male singer.

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No it isn't that one. :(

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Honestly don't remember anything else? More information would be helpful. Do you remember any of the other lyrics, or themes? Can you be more specific about how it sounded? You say that it was a rap track--but possibly R&B? What made it possibly R&B? How many vocalists were there--did it sound like there were any guest verses? Do you remember anything about the instrumentation, other than it being mellow?


If you're sure that 'life goes on' was in the lyrics, try a search for it on rapgenius.com. You might get lucky--though you'd probably have to sort through a lot of songs.

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I had a similar situation in the 80s. There was no youtube or google to hum to. Good luck.

I did find mine after several years of hopeless searching for an instrumental.
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Dragon Ash

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450 - man that's a long time ago.  We need more clues..

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Originally Posted by govari View Post


You win.


I can't believe someone got it.

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Somehow I felt, its gonna be it when found it!

Great song!

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