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RTS fans, anyone?

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Been enjoying Real time strategy games lately, whats are your favorite guys? 


Mine are total war series. Looking forward to Rome total war 2

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I like the whole Total war series except Shogun 2(liked Fall of the Samurai though)


My favourite is Rome Mod Roma Surrectum.

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Personally love starcraft 2 and watch it a fair bit.

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The old C&C is an all-time favourite. Dawn of War (Vanilla/WA) as well. Though I thought DC/SS weren't executed as well as the original.

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Total War series >all can't what for Rome 2
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Pre-odered Rome TW 2 now smile.gif

(guys who preorder will have the first dlc for free)

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SC fan if the avatar didn't give it away.


I have Total Rome and C&C but I have such a huge backlog (i blame Steam deals) that I haven't tried them yet.

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Yeah I went with the preorder too. I've also been a fan of the Company of Heroes 2 alpha/beta.
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Oops, forgot AOE II and III
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Huge fan of total war.


My favorites will be have to be any Paradox title.


Crusader Kings 2, Europea Universalis 3 (Can't wait for 4).


AoE2 and Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne were both my favorite games when i was younger (Played them both throughout my entire childhood)

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Starcraft 2 and Dota 2 are pretty much all I play now.
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No love for Supreme Commander/FA? By far and away my favorite RTS of this generation, multiplayer is just plain awesome. 

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Company of Heroes....one of the best RTS ever.  Cannot wait until COH2 drops in price so I can pick that up.

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