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iPod Touch 5th gen, now on par with sansa clip+?

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I have been using an iPod classic 160gb for about a year, and figured that it is not suited for BA IEMs since its H/P out has 5 ohm output. That's why I consider buying a Clip+ as it is said to be better with BA IEMs because of its near linear H/P out(1ohm, if I'm not mistaken).


But now, the new iPod touch is said to have the H/P out with only 0.7 ohm output, so I'm wondering if the iPod touch 5 is now on par with(or better than) Sansa Clip+ when used with BA IEMs?


I know that impedance isn't everything. I just want to know that, in terms of sonic technicalities, which one is better(more transparent), the 5th gen iPod touch or Sansa clip+?


I have always wanted an iPod touch because of its plethora of functions to play with, but its the SQ area that has been bugging me.

If the iPod touch 5th gen has really improved, SQ wise, I'd jump on it as soon as I have the chance.


Any thoughts\opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm using lately an iPod Touch 4 to drive my Westone UM3x. It sounds almost as good as my iPhone 4s and certainly better than my Classic 7g (specially at high volumes were the output impedance of the Classic shows by forwarding the mids when driving UM3x's)


Note: Touch 4 output impedance is 3.6

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That's good to hear. Now I know the iTouch line has reliable SQ.


What about the 5th gen iTouch? Have you tried it?

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When I had a Classic it did pair well with my BA Klipsch iems, as do my current players.


The Touch 5G sounds great.




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Thanks, Dreamnine. Any audible differences between the touch 5g and 160gb classic?


If there is, which one sounds more neutral to your ears?

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They both sound good to me, but I only really used the Classic with an E1 amp.


If there is much of a difference it's that Apple has improved their EQ presets, flat I couldn't really tell the difference.

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So, the iTouch 5th gen sounds just as good as Classic *AND* an amp (E1)?


If that's the case, I'll probably buy one soon.

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The iPod touch 5G is my next player,...
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