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Sennheiser HD598: Vinyl vs. Digital (Bass)

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Hey all,


I noticed something rather curious today. As many have come to know, the Sennheiser HD598s aren't exactly the greatest headphones for bass. They're pretty much bass-neutral (which I'm cool with), though some find them bass-light. I bought them about 4 days ago and have been listening to strictly digital music, and it has performed as expected with a neutral bass. But just now, I put on my Periphery II 180g vinyl, and my goodness! Out of nowhere, the bass comes thundering! I can't believe what I'm hearing. There's actually a bit too much bass. I'm just so curious as to what factors could be the cause of this, and was hoping maybe some of the experts here could help me resolve this quandary.


A few things to note:


1. Rather than having to use the 3.5mm adapter, I plug straight into my vinyl player's Pioneer amplifier with the 1/4 inch

2. When listening to digital, I run the cans with the 3.5mm adapter to my Fiio E6 into my computer's headphone jack

3. 180g vinyl (Not sure if that has any sort of impact or not)

4. They have, I'd say, about 30 or so hours of burn in with just music and the occasional pink noise/tone sweeps


I have the same album on iTunes imported as Apple Lossless files. And it sounds nowhere near as bass-heavy as it does with the vinyl. I also realize that the HD598s aren't the best cans for metal (what the album is). I'll be putting in another vinyl after this, just to see what I can get from these. But, yes, if any of you guys might know what's causing this, it would be much appreciated if you'd have an answer me. Thanks for your time

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 Sounds like your turntable has a higher output impedance, which means your getting less damping and subsequently more bass (and distortion). Which is technically bad, but hey, if you like it, don't fix what isn't broken xD.


Btw, i was thinking of buying a turntable and begin exploring vinyl. How do you feel about vinyl vs digital?

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They're both different monsters. I really love the warm sound that vinyl gives. When I spend some time listening to vinyl, and then return to digital, it sounds cold and distant. I'd honestly prefer it over digital if it weren't for one thing: cracks and pops from natural usage. Unless you take extreme, extreme, and boy do I mean extreme care of your discs, eventually you'll start hearing cracks and pops while the music plays. It's alright for rock and heavier types of music. But when a soft passage of classical comes on, and I hear those cracks and pops, I wanna gouge my eyes out sometimes. Though some vinyl fanatics will say it's part of the sound (In my experience, people who listen to jazz, predominantly). So yea, I love vinyl with a passion, but the crispness and clarity of digital wins by a thin lead. Hope I was of help, and happy listening beyersmile.png

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If it helps, readily applying white school glue on your vinyl, letting it dry, and then carefully peeling it off will remove all the dust and particles out of your vinyl. A.k.a. no pops :D


A video over the process can be seen here


Hope this helps!


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Yes it does sound cold when you compare some vinyl(genres and recording) with cd , listen to Sade in vinyl .....amazing 

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