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Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 bass problem

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Hey everybody, 


Recently I bought myself a pair of DT 770 PRO 80's. After unboxing them, I plugged them into my Harmon/Kardon 630 receiver that's connected to my computer, put the volume up about 45%, adjusted the bass....and that's were my problem started. They sounded not so great; distorted bass, and when put up louder they began to clip. Some songs do sound ok at a lower-medium volume, but when the volume and or bass is raised, distortion again. This is my first time having this problem with any headphones going through this receiver. I've used Sennheiser eH 150's with good amount of bass and no problem. I also use my Sony XB700s and 7506s with no problems. Did I get a bad pair? Can they not handle my (vintage) receiver? Or am I completely missing something? 


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 




*Also played through: 


Sony walkman: distorted/clipping


Ipod with no amp: no distortion, but of course not enough to power the headphones without an amp. 


Ipod connected through receiver: Distortion/clipping 

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RMA them. Sounds like you may have simply received a bad-luck pair. You've tried several sources all with the same effect, clipping and distortion, and I'm sure you've tried other software for playback and different tracks.


Very best,

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Thanks for the quick reply!


Yes, I tired multiple software sources, and the same deal. I just sent a email to the seller, regarding returning them. It's a real shame, I was really looking forward to owning these! If I get refunded, I may just get the Custom One Pros, as those were my second choice. 

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