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<$70 Headphones for a basshead

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Hi all,


I'm looking to invest a couple bucks into some fun headphones.  Definitely not an audiophile at this point - but I do enjoy hard-hitting bass (the type that makes the walls shake :D).  The genres I've been listening to lately are electronic, r&b, hip-hop/rap, and indie/rock.  


The headphones that I'm currently looking at are the Sony XB500s and Panasonic HTF600s.  My understanding is that the XB500s are bass-heavy/lacking in the mid-highs and vice-versa for the HTF600s.  Should I go for the XB500s and mess with the equalizer when listening to indie/rock?  Also, please post any other recommendations you may have.



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xb500 can sound very balanced if you use a little eq... and they give earth shattering bass...

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Either headphone is fine.


With the XB500, you'll want to equalize the mids & treble up significantly for all listening purposes essentially. It's a great headphone once you do that.

The HTF600 is pretty good right out of the box without any tweaks and is not a slouch at all with bass. It's build quality is better than the Sony too. And cheaper.


Very best,

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I like Equing my headphones, in that aspect my vote goes for the Sony XB. 

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I hated the HTF600 when listening to RAP or EDM. It didn't have enough impact to the bass. The HTF600 is also pretty fragile, you put pressure on it and the driver will pop out

The XB500 would be a better choice.

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Thanks for the responses!


It might sound bad but bass is my first priority with clarity being a far second.  That being said, how does the bass compare between these two headphones?  I'm leaning towards the XB500s because I feel that they would deliver more bass than the HTF600s and can probably be balanced out a bit with some EQ.


If someone has listened to both and found the bass to be pretty similar, the HTF600s might be worth picking up for $30 cheaper.

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