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Neutron only has 4 EQ bands, but they can be set to any exact frequency you desire. Mmmmmm very_evil_smiley.gif

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Player pro is between Poweramp and Neutron, SQ wise, Neutron being the best.

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I use neutron on my galaxy s2 , its best in sound. even poweramp is good. I used n7 player GUI wise its superb.

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You could give Simple Media Player a try.

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Originally Posted by SV650 View Post


Well, I recommend Winamp. 


Although I concede I did love Poweramp before my free trial ran out.  Total cheapskate here. 

I am even cheaper than you. I used DroidWall to block it from accessing the internet such that I can keep using it for free...

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Has anyone tried Soundbest? This app does a 90 second audio response (hearing) test, then generates "optimized eq settings for comfortable and rich sound" for you. Lite version you cannot adjust the auto generated eq, maybe in the full version you can.


The only headphones i wish i could adjust the auto eq with were my AKG 301. The 3 IEMs i tried it with sound much more spacious and balanced to my ears after running the test. 




I find myself using this app a bit more then neutron. YMMV.


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Interesting find yesterday from AppSales (great app in itself!) - GoneMAD Music Player. Extremely feature-rich, and does a few things better than PowerAMP (10-band parametric EQ is a bit more granular, and can read Album Artist tags properly according to many of the reviews in the Play Store and I recall that was extremely important to some here). Has a two week trial period, and the unlocker is presently on sale (although not for much longer I think). No idea about SQ as yet, but overall seems like a very high quality package.

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I tried quite a few about 6 months ago and settled on Neutron. To me, there was a noticeable difference in SQ over apps like Player Pro, PowerAmp and Winamp. Neutron's UI could certainly be a bit better, but once you get it down it's not so bad. Having said that, I am always on the lookout for a music app that is feature rich and has a nice UI and sound quality - I think jetAudio might be that app. The basic version has plenty of options to play with and includes a 10 band eq. The plus version ($3.99) boasts a 20 band eq and unlocks some other features as well. I'll try to post back here if I end up paying for the plus version. 


Thanks for the rec, NZtechfreak. I'll check that out for sure. 

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I recommend using stock player or a Sony player coupled with noozoxide. A lot better than what other players offered me.

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Neutron player plus noozxoide equal audiophile dream combo biggrin.gif
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Tried Neutron and couldn't get it right to my ears (granted I didn't have much time to mess with it). GoneMad is next on my trial runs (unless the trial has already expired...).
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What do you mean? What source are you using?
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Me? Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. Seemingly the red headed stepchild of the Galaxy family...

But as I said, I didn't mess with Neutron much. I'll play with it again when I have some serious time to do so.
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Ok really try it out because the player is really awesome when you fully know how to use it. smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Ok really try it out because the player is really awesome when you fully know how to use it. smily_headphones1.gif

Hehe, that's probably my problem... I'm by no means an audiophile, just really getting into the world of hi-fi, so the last time I messed around I got a bit lost. As I learn more, though, I'll be able to put that knowledge to good use.
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