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I was talking about the quality of the EQ only. Neutron can still improve alot regarding its EQ. On sound quality alone I would agree that Neutron is the best / most transparent player. But that is not enough to make me use it even though i already paid for it.
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Did you notice that the EQ is not just the 4 sliders?

It is parametric if you longpress the EQ icon. The stock configuration is not the best tough. 

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Hi friend.




I think the sound cuality using this player is the best for me.

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I just tried a whole bunch of music players and so far, GoneMad is the only one with the ability to handle very large music libraries (I have a 128GB microSD card filled with tracks). All I'm asking for is the same interface as what an iPod Classic gives me -- the ability to drill down from Genre -> Artist -> Album -> Track. Nope, nobody does that but GoneMad. How about the ability to folder browse, and switch back to folder view and have it remember where you where? Nobody but GoneMad. Nice EQ controls, simple but very configurable UI. Just a total win in all the areas that PowerAmp, Neutron, DoubleTwist, and so on completely fail.

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Hey quick question for all you android guys. Is there a player where I can scroll through a list of all my songs, tap each track i want once to add it to a playlist, hit a shuffle button to shuffle the playlist, then start playing?   I use an app on my computer called clementine which basically allows me to do that

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Imediashare does that. It's more than a music app, but it does have that feature.
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Originally Posted by Hapster View Post

Imediashare does that. It's more than a music app, but it does have that feature.


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I have to say that Blackplayer, which was mentioned before in the thread is just absolutely awesome. Intuitive UI, customizable, RAM- but not CPU-heavy, lots of functions and most of all great sound quality. Has a great EQ and virtualizer and sounds better (to me) when playing 24-bit flacs than Poweramp, which I've used until now. I'm not an audiophile though, but these are my personal impressions and I can highly recommend this player.
Some other opinions on this one? Rather unknown player sadly.
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I'm trialling uapp via dac. Seems excellent so far!
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The best music player will depend on your device and how the dac is tuned, the best sound I got so far was on an Alcatel OT995 with Poweramp paired with a Sennheiser CX270, it sounded like an Astell & Kern AK100 with a Shure 425 but for less than $200, my Samsung Note 2 paid at $600 with a Sony XBA 4 couldn't match 50% the sound quality of my Alcatel ! it seems that premium devices could not always win , there're some real diamonds for less than $200 waiting to be found
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Appreciated I chose the PowerAMP. Still getting used to it but for me I like it very very well. I DO wish however it was organized a little better i.e. I wanna go the the say "H's" I want the alphabet on the right side so all I have to do is click the H and I'd be sent straight there but other than that I really enjoy this app. I didn't like Neutron at all.
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With DAC or No DAC, in terms of sound quality UAPP beats Neutron and Poweramp hands down IMO.


And with DAC, Neutron and Poweramp (with most other players) outputs only to 48K due to program design (android audio layer). With UAPP NO. And now you can play even on DSD.


Here on some testing with my Geek Out 1000.


For referral on indicator lights use this as reference (inverted):


With Note 3 stock player playing 24/192 file output 48k


Neutron playind DXD 24/352.8 file output to 48K 


UAPP playing DXD 24/352.8 file outputs on same resolution


UAPP Playing a DSD128 file outputs in DSD128

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UAPP or neutron?
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On my HTC One M8, the stock music player sounds best. OK, so it has no eq option, but having tried a million and one music player apps, I have come to the conclusion that the bundled player is the best sounding. I think that makes sense, since HTC claim they put a lot of effort and focus on making the One M8 sound as good as possible.

There is a free trial of UAPP available and I have tried it. Bear in mind I don't use a separate DAC (don't see the point), but the sound is worse than using the stock player. And the interface? It looks like they asked a baby chimp to design it.
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Have you ticked on the options menu: 'Play Through Android'?

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