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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post

Well for 2 bucks it may be worth a trybiggrin.gif

Yep, just got it......Simple and sounds "Normal" but needs more testing.

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Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post



I rest my case...of course, there is no requirement to listen "seriously". Some people like movies, some books, I like to listen while I'm doing something else as well, have music all day at the office, but it's not the same as listening while not multitasking IMO. Of course, everyone is different, but most studies suggest multitasking doesn't allow the same focus as doing a single activity.



This is absolutely correct.  If I have music playing, and navigate to a web page and start reading it, then I lose all track of what I was listening to, it just becomes background noise.


I first realized this was true a while back, when I listened to a lot of podcasts........when I would have podcast audio playing....I would have to keep "rewinding" because I missed what someone said while I was reading something on my computer screen. Sure enough, the same thing ended up being true for music, and I am not talking about "listening for flaws in a recording"-type focus, just listening and enjoying the tunes.

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Originally Posted by Clubsport View Post

PowerAmp full version, combined with NoozXoide EIZO.

Use them on my Nexus 4 16GB (rooted with PA 3.68 and Franco Kernel), and the result is excellent for my tastes.

X2 great combo on HTC one too.

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D'oh! Of course listening to music is harder when you are doing other things. But that doesn't mean the ratified climes of Mount Audiophile are the only ly places you find people who actually listen to music on its own or without much distraction. It's patronising and deluded to think you are somehow special like that.
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anyone want to try and walk me through V4A? I'm pretty sure it just doesn't work on my device.

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CrystalT i would be happy to guide you with the v4a on your device. Just pm me to get started. I will need device specifications first though.
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So apparently the whole issue was that direct volume gain on Poweramp makes it so external programs do not work properly. I feel so stupid.


Testing the program out.... and I'm not sure if V4A really sounds "better" than Poweramp with direct volume gain. What settings have people been using? I'm driving Shure SRH840, and Pioneer SE-A1000.

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CrystalT, request an irs file from joe bloggs he can make a specific response file for your shures http://en.goldenears.net/10181

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I already did request, but that's not what I asked. I asked what people were using mostly. To my ears, it doesn't sound "better" than Poweramp with direct volume gain. I actually listen to music without any EQ or effects most of the time. E4A's effects sound different, but "better" is debatable.

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Most of these add on sound processors are not worth the time and effort - they message round with the sound too much and are too gimmicky.

I previously thought Google Play Music was best for me, but last few days I am back with Neutron again. I don't bother with EQ, but some of the little options for 64bit processing and jitter etc are nice to have. And more importantly I find the sound quality that Neutron output on my (unrooted) Galaxy S3 to be without equal - a demonstrably wider and deeper soundstage than other players, everything just sounds ace.
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For people with mostly flat response headphones/iem, you will not notice much of a change. On the other hand, bassy iems and warm/v/cold/imbalanced iem/headphones will hear a huge difference in sq. The reason why i use it is because i will get near audiophile mids and highs while having basshead bass at the same time.
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I use MixZing music player. It has a nice UI including the option to browse folders, and it just simply works. My headphones don't need any EQ, so I don't see a need for PowerAmp, or Neutron. 

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I'm giving Poweramp another try right now. So far I like it, still using no EQ on it though. The customization is ridiculous on it. There are so many options. I'll report back in a few days.

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Is it me or does Poweramp, even with no EQ being used sound better than the more basic music players? Soundstage seems bigger and everything just sounds more clear and detailed. This is really sounding impressive with my Vsonic GR01. 

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Poweramp has a feature called dvc which brings out the sound more by leveling frequency volumes. If its off and you have bass boost, whenever bass plays, all other frequencies quieten, which i dislike. Dvc levels out the slightly muted frequencies and then everything sounds great smily_headphones1.gif
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