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Monoprice 8320 tips

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I am looking to buy some Monoprice 8320s ($7), but the biggest complaint seems to be the silicone tips. Does anyone know any specific tips that have been known to work well?

P.S. I'm a total noob... I don't know anything about tips or where to buy them or what kind to buy etc...

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sony hybrids seem to work well, as well as complys.  Personally I just took by Melectronics double flange eartips that came with my m9's and I just cut the top flange off to get a single flange silicon tip.  Works good for me.

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Hey twinklepixie! It's me, "foodmess!"  The Sony tips may decrease the soundstage because the holes the sound comes through them are smaller than the original monoprice ones, but the bass response should be a little more prominent. At least this is what I found when comparing my more open Panasonic tips with my Sony ones (like what you just bought). You may be more used to and prefer the more hard hitting bass and lesser soundstage that the Sony tips will give since you've been using the monoprice 8323 cans for a while.

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