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looking for $50 headphones

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I may be in over my head here. I don't know much about headphones. I usually go for $20-$30 pairs that are on sale, which I always seem to break every 6 months. I am looking for a $50 or less set of headphones. I listen to spoken word on the go and electronic music (digitally imported premium). I am trying to find something that is A. comfortable B. Decent at blocking/reducing noises as I ride mass transit C. durable D. non-targetable by thieves (for instance dr. dre beats that scream $$$ for the average thief). I've always preferred earbuds but I would easily go portable cans if it meant a significant increase in comfort and noise reduction. I am not an audiophile so $50 is my limit.
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Use search mate :)


I can suggest some of this iem:

Brainwavz M5

SoundMagic e10


Dunu Trident

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