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  I am presently using a decco 2 as a preamp/dac for my emotiva active 5 powered monitors. I was wondering if there would be any advantages of switching to the nova pre (preamp/dac only) from the decco 2 integrated. I would like to hear some opinions of the sonic differences or any other differences that exist between the various nova models  .From what I have read on the peachtree web site the preamp section has been redesigned and is a step up from the preamp sections in the decco and nova integrated preamp sections.They also mentioned that the power supply only has to provide power for the preamp/dac functions and that the power supply does not have to work as hard and is more isolated and or dedicated to the task of its more basic operations.The nova pre also also has a different sabre dac chip from the one used in my decco 2.

   Since the amp section in my decco 2 is basically redundant when using powered monitors I was wondering what sonic advantages it would be to move from my decco 2 to the nova pre. I would also like to hear anyones opinion of the differences in dac performance between the decco 2s dac and the one in the nova pre dac section.I imagine there would be some differnces because the decco 2 is limited to 96khz while the dac section in the nova pre can do 192khz sampling rates.

 Any opinoins would be appreciated.I do like the decco 2 preamp section especially with the kubala sosna power cord I am using with it.The decco 2s dac section is pretty good as well.

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