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First off, hello.  Im obviously new here, since this is my first post, but I have been a hidden reader and fan for a while now.  Im just starting to get into this computer/audio stuff, and its really a bit overwhelming at times.  So, here I go...


I currently have a pair of M-Audio AV40s connected to my 27" iMac.  The sound was MUCH better than some cheaper Logitech speakers I had.  Lately, the right speaker, which is connected to the left one, cuts out, and I have to quickly turn them off then on for both to work again.  I was going to send them away for service, but the warranty just recently ended.  Anyways, I got a pair of B&W 686s today for a ridiculous price, and now I am interested in replacing the M-Audios with the B&Ws.  The problem is, I have no clue what I need in order for these speakers to work with my iMac.  I suppose I need at least an amp because these speakers do not directly plug into a power outlet, but I was wondering if I also need a DAC.  I was looking to see if there were any DAC/Amp combos, but I really dont know what is good, or really where to begin to be honest.  Im looking for something that is not that expensive, less than 200 $ or euros would be nice.  Worst case scenario, I guess I could just keep the AV-40s, and replace the 100 euro 2.1 Logitech set I have connected to my LED in the living room. 


Oh, by the way, I have a Roister subwoofer for sale at my job.  I noticed that the back of it has the capability to connect to speakers like the 686s, but Im not sure if this is something that would work for me.  The subs info is available here:


Appreciate any and all help I can get from you guys.  Cheers.