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Earbud Fitting.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but here is my problem nevertheless.

I own some RadioPaq Jazz earphones which are great, HOWEVER, the standard earbuds are the most awkward things I've ever had to try and fit in my ears, so I use some older tips from my broken set of RF PunchPlugs.

This means, due to the design of my earphones, that no other earbuds will stay on, as it is just a metal slide, so whenever I take my earphones out of my ear the earbud is still left in my ear, which also means I have to put the earbuds on myself everytime I want to use the earphones which can be extremely tedious.

I'm not sure what to do here, either to buy new earphones (which I don't want to do right now) or try and glue the earbuds onto the earphones themselves biggrin.gif

I am used to using my old Sennheiser cx-300II which fit my ears perfectly and were the opposite of fiddly to get in my ears and would never get any earwax on them due to the design of the earbuds. However they just broke so I'm trying to make these RadioPaq's (Which I would normally use for long train or plane journeys as the extra couple of minutes set up time would be justified) just as quick as easy to use as my old Sennheisers.

Can you think of any workaround? Thanks.
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Mold yourself some custom tips out of some DIY earplug kits. :)

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