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questions about LOD, cowon, walkman

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Helo i have some questions


i'd like to get a new player, but i don't know which one, it has to be able to accept a lot of space and it needs a touch screen, that's why i was thinking about the cowon z2, but how do i put an amp on this? i'd like to buy a fiio e17 or a ibasso t4/5


i'm thinking about the cowon z2 because i can get a new one of 32gb for 120euro and because you can put micro sd cards in it.


Or i could get a walkman z1060 32gb mint condition for max 150euro, problem is that there is only 32gb and you can't add an sd card... but that solves the lod problem, as there is a fiio lod for the walkman

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Pretty much the only way to amp Cowon or players that don't support LOD is use the headphone out, which is considered a no no by majority around here because you're double amping. Then, you have others who say Cowon headphones outs are rather clean and you can amp using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable such as FiiO L8.

You might be better off looking at a Sansa Fuze (not Fuze+) which has the microsd and supports LOD.

Something to consider.
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Hello, thanks for your advice, why not the fuze+? it also supports micro sd...


anyways, i don't really like the look of the fuze(+) anyways... and yeah looks are important to me... :)


i am also going to buy a broken ipod 5th gen (probably 32gb)  and repair it (it's soo cheap! 90euro --> only a broken glass screen (the led is ok) :P)


so what do you people think i should get:


ipod 5th gen for 90euro

sony walkman z1060 32gb for (im trying 100 now) 150euro (what he asks...)

cowon z2 16gb 120euro + micro sd 64gb 50euro

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Fuze+ doesn't support LOD.

As for your selection, Apples mainstream, not a fan of ipods, not so much Apple I dislike but the SQ their ipods produce, I don't really mind if Apple army fanboys come in saying it's good SQ because I don't care for it, pretty damn average in my book and I won't recommend it. I would be going the Sony Z or the Cowon. Z2. But of course because the ipod has LOD it will probably be chosen and another member misses out on what real portable Hifi can sound like.

it's soo cheap!

Correct, cheap indeed. Cheap SQ.
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alright i'll take the cowon z2 with the fiio e17 and fiio l8 i'd really prefer the walkman, but i hate the fact there is no expandable memory... :(

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woops no, i got a samsung s3, didn't think about that being able to deliver digital audio, but apparantly after some searches, i found out it's possible! i just don't know where to get this cable: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16563546/Go-DapHP%E7%94%A8%E7%94%BB%E5%83%8F%E7%BD%AE%E5%A0%B4/micro.jpg


changed my mind, again ^^, not gonna use my phone.. i dont want to always have this big thing in my hands when im texting or calling... so i'll just get the cowon... i'll try to bring back that e7 and get the e17...

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