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Black Cube Linear for He-500?

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So I found an extremely good deal on the Lehmann BCL and I am now seriously considering this amp. I plan on purchasing the HE-500's next year and I am wondering if this will be a good combination. My source is a Rega RP1 with an Ortofon OM5e cartridge running through a Cambridge Audio Azure 640p. 

Thanks everyone.

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I would absolutely NOT recommend this amp. Based on my personal experience, that is.

I heard it coupled with a Sennheiser HD650 and found I too underpowered for the HD650.

I suppose that the HE-500 needs more power than the HD650, so I would not recommend the BCL.

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Huh, thats quite interesting. I'll look into this issue for sure, but i am put off by, may just grad a Schiit Asgard instead.confused.gif Does anybody have any comparisons between the two, with the fact that i can get the BCL at 1/2 the price of the Asgard?

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If you're looking for an amp to ONLY power your soon to be HE-500s, I would take a look at this little gem.




currently $179 which is a steal


It even has enough juice to power the HE-6


checkout preproman's review!



You'll need to build a speaker tap cable but it's worth it.

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