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What do you guys think ba200 or shure se215?
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these iems fit way better than the vsonics did. love how they actaully lay around the ear where as the vsonics really had resistance on the curvature around the ear. Plus with the comply tips i have no doubt i will have no troubles of these falling out.

Only been listening to them for about 20 mins  but thus far im pretty satisfied with how they sound.  I see what you meant when you said they are a very smooth iem. Its a very relaxing like sound.  with the vsonics when i had big bass you could kind feel the outside of the phone rumbling a bit but it doesnt feel like the ba200's are really even trying to perform the sounds.  the bass is a little bit lighter i feel on the ba200 but my z02 takes care of that 

Pretty satisfied with the purchase from my initial reaction

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