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best earphone for in ear ?

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guys , i need your humble advice about in ear phone , is there any in ear product that offer good sound with good bass and also can enjoy audiophile too like cozzy , and chillin song ? but i'm more into with hip hop song or something good together with trance music . 


my budget is below $100 . and is there any good online store that offer best deal for in ear phone ? 

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The Klipsch x10 is on sale for $85ish today at amazon (normal price is 350, though it's definitely not worth that much in the first place). I ordered one, and the consensus seems to be that its a fantastic set, but has durability problems.

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Klipsch x10 would actually be perfect for the OP.
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Would have to agree with both of these users! Seems like the x10's are slightly v-shaped and have some good bass emphasis while being very small and comfortable from the threads I've seen. Pull the trigger!
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Guys i'm still looking for best in ear but not that klipsxh x10, is there anything u guys can reference to me?
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