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Hey guys.


I am having a problem updgrading my firmware, or rather, I don't know which one to choose. I want the 2014 firmware for my 11.32 device, but I can't find it. I have read the guide many times and looked for the firmware files, but all I can see is firmware 3.dfu, firmware 4.dfu etc. I can see the firmware2014v2forSAC.bin file, but that is a .bin file and I can't update using that?


Any help would be very appreciated.

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Yes you can use the .bin

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Thank you for that. I have installed the newest firmware and drivers now, although I see no 32 bit options in my audio settings however. Anyone who has some input on that mystery. I read somewhere it has to do with something called ASIO or something, although I'm admittedly a noob in that regard so I have no idea.

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Any coments on the SQ?

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Has anyone got the subversion number for the latest 2014 firmware ?

I can't see on the web site.

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Here you go.

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Cool thanks! 

Got my f/w chips mixed up when i replaced it. How ever I did manage to get the right one installed now :)

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I'm thinking to buy an older version NFB 5. Can anybody tell me how much is it to purchase the USB 32 module. I've contacted kingwa but no reply yet
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$81.70 delivered to Austin Tx.

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Thanks for the info



Originally Posted by nick77 View Post

$81.70 delivered to Austin Tx.

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I dont know exactly how to measure the extent of the USB32 upgrade as i did several improvements at the same time. But my new computer setup with Paul Pang USB card and the USB32 upgrade with a high end USB cable has totally spanked my previous Touch setup. :) 

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I've been going nuts trying to get any sound out of my NFB-15.32 since I reinstalled Windows 7 for the new hardware I got.  It does recognize it, just no sound coming out...or when there is it's a buzz or something.  Just a couple minutes ago I blue screened trying to switch to 32 bit(I think it was) in the software.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times already, and it worked completely fine before(the new hardware/OS reinstall).  Only twice has it shown up to 192k, and multiple times not showing 32 bit, sometimes not letting me select anything.  I'd rather not send it back as it did work before, and I tried that before when it stopped working once, using USPS since it was the only way I could afford to go(everywhere else was $100+), and it never even made it there(got sent back).  I've been installing the v1.22 as I ordered it Jan 4th 2013.


Edit:Gave up on it, guess I'll look into an optical cable....or sell the thing, wasn't worth all the stress. Especially after tearing down my old pc and rebuilding with the new parts(I was wiped out that night).

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When browsing the Audio-gd site 




today, I found out that there is a .rar package with all the FW's and between them are also FW2014v3forDAC.dfu and FW2014v3forDI.dfu


Anybody tried that already?

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Bah! I don't want to buy another firmware chip :(

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Kingwa replied to my e-mail:


The V3 firmware have not sound different to the V2, just slight less spend the CPU ability and support DSD128 for the DSD support DACs.


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