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Order the 4.Ai + package and choose Buckey Burl (in the not section write all black/grey buckeye)




The Wizard

Here at Noble, we craft some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. 

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Megadeth sounds great with the 4.ai's. Dave's voice has a nice, clear defiance to it, and it feels as if the guitars have the right tone and balance to them. If I were you, I would try out the 4.ai's. I was a little hesitant at first, but man, these are really spectacular, and the customer service is out of this world.

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IE80 or UE900.

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I have no idea if anyone will respond to this, but I'm going to try. How are the 4.ai with different sub-genres of metal? Death metal, for example. I am looking to purchase a new pair of IEM's, for listening to metal.
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I love UM3x for this genres. Also Vsonic GR07 are superb for it.

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I own a GR07 mkI: these are great for acoustics and old bands (which I don't know why). For heavy metal I'm still to find one iem.
Sounds nice: Led Zeppelin (specially the drums), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Kiss(acoustic MTV), Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (acoustic MTV), Blue Oyster Cult, Mark Knopler (but his more... country rock...), Steve Ray Vaughan, BB King, UFO, Michael Jackson (!), Judas Priest...
Strangest things, bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, AC/DC... they lack something, although the detail is there, a good amount of bass is there...

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Originally Posted by daniel521 View Post

I was actually almost buying the PFE232, but Im afraid its isolation wont be good enough for airplanes and such, is the JVC FX700's isolation better? Another problem is that I mostly plan on using these unamped (sometimes I'll use the fiio e11, but most if the time unamped), so I really want it to sound good unamped. If the JVC FX700 is not easy to amp and doesn't have a good isolation, which IEM will suit me better? The best one fo you will be one made special fo your ears by a specialized company. Those are of course expensive, the only alternative wich could work for you is the Yamaha eph-100. These are better isolated than the JVC's but these are also great,I have the FX 1000. Both work well with music from Primus,after the are burned in.
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Hope you don't mind me reviving this thread. I'm in the market for some new IEM's as my B2's just died. I listen to a lot of metal genres and I'm thinking of spending a good amount (limit is probably $500ish) to get a great sound. 

I've noted that the 4R's are supposed to be great for metal and they have been superseded by the W40 - does the same principal apply here? any experiences with the W40s?

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I would like to add something to this topic.

I listen mainly to metal, then trance, rock etc.

This is my review of some IEMs that i've tried:

IEM 900: Absolute rubbish, i cannot for the life of me figure out why people like these so much? The bass is pretty much absent, the highs and mids are gnarly. This is for METAL, i dont know about classic or acoustic stuff.

Grado GR10: Bought these of ebay recently, they where absolute *****. They may be fake but i paid 300 for them and according to the sticker  they are imported by an official retailer. On loud volumes they distort, the drums get very nasal and it hurts my ears. For metal and trance they sound worse than the IEMs that came with my Samsung s4.

Now i might have a wierd sense of hearing but if there are some IEMs i absolutely like its the

Monster Turbine Pro Copper.
These sound amazing and ofcourse they are discontinued... i am now harvesting these on ebay so they can last me a couple of years.

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