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Question on my first 2.1 system

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Whats up everyone, this is my first post here.


I just got a nice budget 2.1 system.

The system is this:


Sherwood RX 4109 Receiver 105 watts

1 pair Polk Audio Monitor 40's

1 Polk Audio PSW10 sub

Premium RCA RG59 cable (for setup to computer or mp3 player) and 12 gauge speaker wires with banana plugs.


I think it sounds good for what I paid.


Now here's the problem.....


This particular Sherwood module does not have a sub output on it (something I was not aware of until I went to hook up the sub).

The PSW10 has a line out RCA and speaker wire terminals.

I used the speaker wire terminals to connect it to the receiver and it sounds good.


I found a Sherwood receiver with a sub output for only $20.00 extra on Amazon.

The question is, should I return the RX4109 and get the Sherwood RX4503 100 Watt receiver since it has the sub output?


I have read info on some forums where people say the sub output gives more power to the sub as opposed to using the speaker wire terminals. Is this true?

Is it worth spending the extra 20 dollars to get the receiver with the sub output or should I be ok with the current setup I have?


Thanks for any help :)

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A designated sub-woofer out has a high-cut usually somewhere around 100-120Hz so that only the necessary frequencies are sent to the sub rather than the entire signal which can make strange unwanted sounds or sound peaks. 

Sub-out should be line level, so it's not an amplified signal that changes depending on the amp volume - you change the volume at the back of the sub separately to the speakers and amp. I'm pretty sure the sub you got is a 'powered' sub, and not a passive sub that requires an amplified bass output. 

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