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For Sale:
EML 5U4G Mesh Plate Rectifier (New version)

Will Ship To: North America

Hey all,


Selling the EML 5U4G I purchased from TubesUSA about two months ago for my WA6SE. I bought this when my original EML mesh prematurely burned out, but from that point on I unexpectedly got into the Stats world, and the HD800's are currently playing second fiddle to my Stax 007's... though I'm still likely going to keep the HD800's and the WA6SE, I was also reasonably happy with the Mullard GZ34's as my rectifier and thought I'd let this go for some extra cash I can put into furthering my Stax rig.  The sound quality of these on the Woo amps don't need to be mentioned here... there are many, many raving reviews out there. They should also be great for the DNA amps or any other tube amps that uses 5U4G out there.


As I've stated they're about month and a half old, but it only has about 5-7 hours on it as I've been more occupied with my Stax. The tube is the newest revision with the ceramic socket and new element inside the tube for better stability (my previous version EML's burned out on my WA6SE after about 100 hours). The glass shows absolutely no signs of "smoking up" as the previous ones did, and should more or less function like it's brand new. It'll come with the original EML foam-lined box for secure protection in shipping. I didn't even register the tube yet so you'll be able to take over the warranty without hassle.


The price at TubesUSA for this is $240 + taxes and shipping (plus I had to pay more in duties...). I'm going to let this go for $200 including shipping (3% Paypal fees will still be necessary, unless you pay as gift).  Canadian buyers will have priority (so my fellow Canadian buyer don't have to deal with the shipping, duty fees and such), but I'll entertain all offers from within NA. $180 for local pick up here in Toronto.


Do PM me with your interest. Thanks!