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For Sale:
FS: Stax SRM-T1

Will Ship To: US

The SRM-T1 comes with 3 outputs: 2 Pro bias and one normal bias output. This means that it can power both normal and pro bias Stax headphones. It sound sounds great and looks beautiful. The amp is set at 100V but I will supply a step down transformer for use in the United States should you prefer.

I bought this about a year ago on Audiogon (osakaears) where it rated 9/10. Since then it has gotten about 100hrs use and performed admirably. There are 2 small marks on the top left of the device where the black paint has chipped off exposing white metal, but other than that, the amp is in perfect condition.

It will ship with the amp, original tubes, power cord, and step down transformer. Unfortunately it didn't have the original box when I received it either tongue.gif. The price is without shipping and paypal fees should they be incurred. Feel free to contact me for any additional information.