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For Sale: FS: RSA The Apache

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: RSA The Apache

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Posting reopened...I like this amp too much to let it go...However, I have to raise some money for something else, and I decide to sell all my gears finally.


I bought this less than a year ago on this forum. SS# AP034. Very well taken care of. 8/10. A few marks on the bottom of the PSU where I had it resting on Mapleshade Micropoints. And some small scuffs on the top of the PSU where the discs that hold the amp spikes in place moved around during installation. You will almost never see these, of course. The owner before me added sorbothane feet to the PSU in case you want to rest it on your rack without the spikes.


It's a great sounding amp, worthy of any pair of headphones you've got. Dead silent. Clinically revealing. With OUTSTANDING pre-amp functionality – four inputs (2 balanced) and two outputs (one balanced). Plus every connection possible for dynamic headphones. I'm only selling it because I am not listening to headphones anymore.


Here’s the link to the RSA site in case you don’t know about this killer amp:


You can get it with 90% of the sound of the B-52 at a third the cost! My price is firm, and I will cover the paypal fees and shipping fees to CONUS.

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Hows the Apache with Custom IEM's?

 Any Hiss?

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Ygpm again...

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Never tried IEMs. No hiss with Denon D7000, which are very sensitive cans. 

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