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I ended up getting the W4R and the bass is really good, very tight. Thanks for the help

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Originally Posted by AUDIOBREEDER View Post

Does the new Westone 4R come with the newer tips???

Yes it is!         5prs. diff silicone color coded, + 5prs. diff foamy color coded tips + tri-flange        (y)

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When I had the W4 (I believe that these and the "R" version are sonically the same, correct me if I'm wrong), I thought that they lacked the excitement in the bass department. I sold them and got a pair of TripleFis. Bass was there, and yet, still no grit. So, I moved to customs. UM miracle and yet, I didn't feel that bite in the bass guitar, or the flow of air in my head. Until I tried dynamics. A pair of Miles Davis Tributes and JVC fx700 later, I realized that Dynamics and BAs work in very different ways. The BAs may be more articulate and layered in terms of a sophisticated presentation, but I've yet to come across a pair that offers me the "headphone in your ear" feel. Dynamics can move air around, giving the bass a more lively energy.

In response to the OP's question, I think the W4(r)s have a very adequate amount of bass, which is excellently textured (I remember The Prodigy sounding wonderful), but if you are looking for that "slam", you'll have to look towards a more bass-orient BA or move to a dynamic.
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W4 is a gd, balance ,warm iem , soundstage is wide, sm3v2 like bass and treble boost w4 more excitment but w4 soundstage and detail better. Pfe 232 better in treble and neutral and thin vocal, w4 provide warm and smooth vocal , tighter and deeper bass, if u don't want tight bass sm3v2 better, tf10pro cannot compare to w4 , w4 have different type of bass than tf10, also w4 wins in treble ,mids ,soundstage, isolation ,comfort
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