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For Sale: First Watt F5 Clone

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For Sale:
First Watt F5 Clone

Will Ship To: Australia

Item: First Watt F5 clone Class A Power Amplifier, 25w/ch
Location: Brighton VIC.
Price:  $750 pick-up (shipping at cost)
Item Condition: Pretty good
Reason for selling: Putting money into headphone rig.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit
Extra Info:

Wonderful sounding amp. Crystal clear, natural, organic sound.


Sounds wonderful through my Paradigm Studio 20s.


Single Ended. 25 watts per channel. 240 volts.

Here is the technical blurb from its maker as to what he has done to this amplifier:

- inrush current protection in the form of a thermistor and soft start circuit for the power supply so it wont trip the mains breaker to charge the large capacitor bank via the toroidal transformer.
- all on board resistors are high quality branded types, welwyn vishay etc.
- twin LM338K regulated power supply with capacitor banks before and after the regulation. this supply is ultra quiet and stable and ripple and noise are tiny. all earths return to one point between the screw terminal BHC Aerovox caps.
- 625VA toroid installed over the standard 300VA
- BHC aerovox screw terminal caps
- ELNA 8 capacitor bank
- DC protection in the form of a external circuit which does not impact how the amplifier functions. Disconnection is handled by a 10A relay which mutes the speakers at start up so there is absolutely no turn on thump.
- the whole case apart form the back panel is a heatsink. however the amp runs relatively cool and is thermally stable.
- all semiconductors are orginals and measured and matched prior to use. the input pair of JFETs are Toshiba's (hard to get now)
- there is a blue power led mounted in between the heatsink fins on the front for power on indication.
- the thinnest panel is 3mm aluminium (rear) the top and bottom are 6mm thick.
- the fasteners are countersunk stainless steel.
- the rear panel connectors are all gold plated and the power input connector is an IEC plug inlet with a switch and a fuse built in.

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