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For Sale: Fostex T50RP - modded

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For Sale:
Fostex T50RP - modded

Will Ship To: CONUS

Since I've found a new addiction in speaker building, I've decided to sell my secondary pair of T50RP.
They're the older version with more bass/lighter colored rods. I've had them since April 2012, and while they do need a little bit of love, they do still sound excellent. I am NOT selling these as an end-product--I do recommend at least a little more tweaking to achieve a sound that's perfect for you.

The following differentiates them from stock:
-deoxit on cable connector (fixes channel imbalance that plagues most new pairs of t50rp)
-original white driver backing removed
-fiberglass damping in cups
-silverstone acoustic foam inside cups and on the earside baffle
-mass-loaded baffles (plasticine)
-"sealed" baffles to cups using epoxy putty********
-baffle covered with adhesive-backed craft felt, Brainwavz HM5 pads superglued onto the felt. strips of silverstone surround the driver ear-side
-leather covered silverstone foam "risers" (removable) under HM5 pads to angle and improve seal
-partially taped-off bass vent (from the inside)
-baffle port and screw holes sealed with epoxy putty

I'm also including the following for experimentation/repair/fun
-original Fostex pads
-extra silverstone foam
-extra craft felt (both adhesive-backed and non-adhesive
-a third HM5 pad (these are $8.50 each from Brainwavz)
-two small cubes of rockwool (I use these in my main set of Fostex with excellent results
-Ace Hardware rope caulk
-Fabric/Plastic superglue
-my last little bit of epoxy putty
-the original box!

********The catch: They're missing 3 of the 8 screws that connect the baffles to the cups--I've tried to show the result of missing screws in the photos. Also, using epoxy putty to permanently seal the baffles to the cups didn't go as well as planned. There are a couple gaps, and you should be able to pry off the baffles without too much difficulty once the screws are removed. Also be sure to check the photos for general condition.

I'm asking $old + Shipping, I'll cover paypal fees enjoy:D

Edit: final price drop
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do they cover your whole ear?

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As long as you don't have giant ears tongue.gif

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shipping to italy by usps price ?

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are these still availiable?

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