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For Sale: HD598 almost new

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For Sale:
HD598 almost new

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought some new Sennheiser HD598 cans about a month or two ago, used them for a couple weeks and they've been packed back away since so they are almost new. I can confirm that these are the bees knees when it comes to gaming lol gs1000.gif


Happy to post anywhere in the world, will post to the UK for £120 including delivery. Feel free to PM me for quotes elsewhere smily_headphones1.gif


Can add pictures upon request, but I am reluctant to remove them from their packaging at the moment!

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I've been coming back to the forum for reference for some time now but only decided to make an account when I saw your post. Unfortunately, I'm unsure about the process that needs to take place and I understand if youd rather not sell to a rookie such as myself.
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They are sold, thank you to everyone who expressed interest!

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