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For Sale:
SOLD - Musical Fidelity V-Link + Cables!

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'd originally bought this in April to pair with my Yulong D18. I'm the original owner and it was used for around two months before having to sell the D18, and for some reason I never got around to selling the here it is! tongue.gif

There are a couple TINY scratches on the unit--one along the underside along with a near-unnoticeable scratch on one of the top corners. I didn't even notice them until taking pictures today. I did my best to capture them.

Since MF doesn't provide cables (and I'd like to finally get this out the door!biggrin.gif), I thought I'd include all the basics to get you started. I'm including the following:
1 Audioquest VDM-X coax cable (1 meter) (originally cost $35)
1 Acoustic Research Pro II Series optical cable (1 meter) (originally ~$15-20)
1 Belkin Gold USB cable (2 meters) (~$5-10)

Free USPS priority shipping in CONUS, you cover paypal fees